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Introduction to SaberTrade
The Getting Started guide is your resource to ensure that you are set up for success with SaberTrade and allow you to easily start generating SaberTrade links, unique data and insights, and additional revenue from your content.
Welcome to SaberTrade!
SaberTrade is a new way to monetize your financial editorial content. With SaberTrade, you can seamlessly monetize your content and garner unique insights about your followers preferences by simply including a SaberTrade link, buy-button, or embedded trade Widget.
Traders and investors who read news and investment articles, or view information pages, that contain our embedded technology will be able to seamlessly execute the core investment thesis of whatever they're reading, directly from any media that contains a SaberTrade link.
With SaberTrade, traders and investors can efficiently execute recommendations, discussed assets, or investment theses from their favorite experts in an easy and actionable way - directly with their preferred brokerage.
SaberTrade is currently integrated with Think or Swim (TD Ameritrade & Schwab), Robinhood, and E*TRADE and has plans to integrate with all major US brokerages in the coming months. Today, over 62 million active accounts have the ability to trade through SaberTrade links and the links support all stocks, ETF’s, options, and crypto currencies.
SaberTrade links or buy-buttons can be embedded and included anywhere that you can include text. For example:
  • A News Article or content on your website.
  • Any commoditized quote or information pages.
  • A Substack or Blog post.
  • Tweets.
  • Instagram or Facebook posts and TikTok Videos (or through Linktree).
  • Discord Servers and Chats.
  • Youtube Video Comment Section.
  • Your Newsletter.
Why use SaberTrade?
SaberTrade offers a seamless and easy way for publishers and content creators to generate additional revenue and unique insights simply by including our technology within the content they are already generating.
  • SaberTrade can deliver unique data to help you create more and better targeted content based on what readers find convincing and actionable;
  • SaberTrade can deliver additional revenue from our buy buttons and links, effectively creating additional high-value advertising space in the form of a buy button that delivers key and unique insights and ads/affiliate materials to the most engaged readers;
  • SaberTrade can deliver a unique feature that we believe readers will enjoy and utilize and a feature that will keep readers within your respective ecosystem longer.
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