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User Management
There are two types of roles in SaberTrade: Organization and Creator. The Organization has full control of the Creators and access to all of the Creators articles and the analytical data associated. Organizations also provide a top-level hierarchy for all commissions, so the capital you receive from our affiliates goes to a single account for your internal accounting.
As an Organization, you can add Creators that are on the platform to be a part of your Organization.
You also have some additional settings for your consideration.
  • ‘Hide article financials from creator’ will allow your Organization to only see these. The Creators will still be able to see analytical data associated with their articles to ensure their are producing impressions, views, etc.
  • ‘Affiliated Creators can only publish for your Organization’ will disable the ability for creators to publish articles under other Organizations. Therefore their articles will always be applied to your Organization.
Once all of your Creators are added you will see them here:
You can remove them at any time based on your needs.
Next Steps:
  • Add a payout account with Stripe
  • Analytics
  • Content Aggregator
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