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How To Copy or Embed a SaberTrade Link
  • After Creating a SaberTrade Link, the link will populate in your user Dashboard. On the Dashboard you will see a “Get link” button on the right side of the row (or a “copy” icon in the mobile version). When you click “Get link,” you will see a number of options for you to utilize your link for your content including Embed (recommended), Link, or a URL that will take you to the Trade page.
  • You may create one link for all of your selected assets, or one link per asset selected on the Create a SaberTrade Link Page.
  • Click the blue “Copy” and insert into your content. The link is fully functional and ready to trade through!
  • We also have an automated link creation API - making the process as simple as possible for you. Please reach out to to receive API access (this is more important for Organizations).
  • Once your links are in your content, you will earn the lion’s share of any ad or affiliate revenue that is generated through your links at no cost to you.
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