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Create or Link Your Stripe Account
To receive the revenue you’ve generated from the links you’ve created you will need to set up and connect your Stripe account. Please see the simple steps provided below to Create or Link your Stripe account.
To set up your payout account:
  • Navigate to the Settings Page
  • Select “Connect Payments.” You will momentarily leave SaberTrade to complete this step.
  • If you do not already have a Stripe Account, you will need to create one to begin receiving your earnings
  • When you reach “” follow the prompts to complete the process of opening a Stripe account or linking your current account.
  • You will need to provide:
    • Relevant Business of Consumer information for tax purposes.
    • Select “Connect Payments.” You will momentarily leave SaberTrade to complete this step.
    • Tax Information.
    • Personal Identifying Information (PII).
For more information on what Stripe does with the information provided, please visit their website.
Once the steps above are completed, you will be asked to provide your banking information to Stripe. This is where we will send your funds when you manually withdraw them from the SaberTrade platform.
Next, fill in identifiable information to be provided with your earned funds so you can easily identify them them on your statement.
Lastly, please review your information to make sure it is accurate and you are happy with it. When finished, press Agree & Submit.
You should be redirected to your profile settings page and see that your stripe account has been connected.
You can visit your Stripe account dashboard at any time, outside of SaberTrade, by visiting and signing in with the credentials you created during step 4. If you have any issues with your Stripe account, please visit or contact stripe support at .
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